Type 2 Diabetes

I’m constantly amazed to discover how many other people have diabetes. I was diagnosed sometime back with type 2 diabetes, which was a shock to me. I had never had any indicators that there was anything wrong. I felt well and and didn’t show any symptom, that there was any reason to be concerned. I still feel the same, diabetes has never made me unwell. I guess undetected I could have gone on indefinatly feeling ok. It took some time for my doctor and practice nurse to get it under control. Firstly I had to adjust my diet and eat more sensibly. For a while it worked well, but slowly my readings started to increase. So they introduced medication to help control my HBA1C blood results. I was on Metformin at first, and again they worked well for a while. However once again the results crept up again. I started to take Glimepiride 1mg, but found although the results stabalised I was putting on weight quite quicky. Following a referral to the diabetes specialist at the hospital, I am now on 6 x 500 mg Metformin, the Glimepiride everyother day and a new drug Sitagliptin (Januvia). My last HBA1C results were below 7 for the first time ever. I’m told that in the long term I will probably end up on insulin, but the longer we can hold off the better. I’m working on the weight thing, and have lost 7lbs since new year. I have to take more notice these day before I train, or go out for a long ride to ensure I don’t hypo, which is an interesting experiance. I have never had a real bad one, but have felt the signs of it coming on and been able to take corrective action. Anywhere between 3 and 4 I start to feel strange.  Its a fine line between cutting back on what I eat and eating enough. I’m amazed as to how well I feel for a man who takes enough pills a day to rattle.


About robin1953

Hi I am a 57 year old man living in York, with my wife Jill. We have three grown up childred, and two grand children, Tim and Noah. I've been cycling all my life, but I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a few years back, so the cycling became more important. I did well for a few years, but slowly the weight went up. Update; how time flys, I'm now 60 still battling the weight but still riding.
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2 Responses to Type 2 Diabetes

  1. carrie says:

    It is remarkably common, there are several members of my family with it. I’m lucky ( I guess) since mine will probably go away as soon as the baby is born. Last time (6 years ago) I managed it through diet alone. This time it was a shock as I was hoping to escape but after a week of trying to diet control I was tired, hungry and fed up and made the reluctant decision to take the insulin they were pushing (many tablets have not had enough testing on pregnant women so they are reluctant to hand them over at my hospital at least, plus the side effects sound horrible) I have to tell you that it felt great to get my life and my normal diet back. Yes it still takes planning and twiddling and I also have to really think about bike riding ( 10 minute ride to my grans friday= hypo, quite scary). Anyway, diabetes sucks but you can live with it eh? (more Phillll worshipping, it were him that told me to go for it)

    • robin1953 says:

      Hi Carrie I did notice on your blog that you had diabetes, and you have the added complication of being pregnant (that’s the added complication to the diabetes not the baby bit). I’ve never had a baby so I don’t know what that’s like, my wife took care of that side. But the diabetes is a bit of a nuisance. I was interested in your site, and noticed it was WordPress, like mine. However yours looks more interesting than mine. I cant get to grips with how you add things, blogroll, my sponsorship page at Diabetes UK, photos ect. Do you have any tips, of where I should start to look. I cant make head nor tail of the WordPress help. Maybe it just me. Robin

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