Assassins on four wheels

For the last few days I have been thinking about doing a post on who to lookout for whilst riding on the road. Clive Chapman has a very interesting post with video of two recent incidents which have happened to him. Most of us who commute on a daily basis have experience of the idiots who take risks around cyclist. I had thought of compiling a list of who these idiots are and what vehicles they drive so we can all watch out for them. Its my experience that they are of a mind set, and choose the same cars in which they go about their daily activity of terrorising other road users. Please feel free to add your own so we can all lookout for them.

1. BMW drivers.

2. Drivers of four wheel drive vehicles.

3. Drivers in vehicles with bike carriers on. Even though they clearly ride bikes themselves, it doesn’t make them anymore curtious around cyclists.

4. People towing horse boxes. It usually say motorist look out for horses. But don’t think they need to consider anyone else when they are driving.

5. White van man.

6. People who pull out in front of you at junctions, when you have right of way, and give you a knowing grin, or a two finger salute. They wouldn’t do it if they thought they would be hurt.

7. People who still insist on using a mobile phone whilst driving. I was once almost knocked of my bike by a guy driving a Range Rover, towing a twin axle caravan, negotiating a mini roundabout, whilst on the phone. (Dickhead).

8. Anyone displaying a sign asking people to give them consideration, because, baby on board, new driver and so on. It usually means “Lookout for me” “sod the rest of you”.

9. Cyclist who ride on the pavement, the wrong down one way streets, jump the lights on red, ride without lights when its dark,(you know who they are) giving the rest of us a bad name.

If its any consolation these people don’t limit their actions to cyclists, they do it to everyone.

Thats todays rant, I feel much better now.


About robin1953

Hi I am a 57 year old man living in York, with my wife Jill. We have three grown up childred, and two grand children, Tim and Noah. I've been cycling all my life, but I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a few years back, so the cycling became more important. I did well for a few years, but slowly the weight went up. Update; how time flys, I'm now 60 still battling the weight but still riding.
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2 Responses to Assassins on four wheels

  1. Well, I score highly here! I am 1,2,3 & 5. What does that say?

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