Lack of motivation in the winter months

I like most people, I suspect, find it difficult to motivate myself to ride as often and as far when its, cold, dark, wet, icey or a combination of any of them. In the summer the days are long and the sun is warm. Riding around the country roads of North Yorkshire is a joy. Those same roads don’t hold the same magic in the winter months. Sure we do still get some really pleasant days, last Saturday was a fine example. I set off and rode a circular route of about 16 miles returning home in a little over an hour. Very nice. On Sunday morning I opened the curtains to be greeted with thick fog and drizzle. Needless to say I found any number of good reasons not to go out for a ride and the bike remained in the garage. The worrying part is its going to get much worse between now and next spring. I am going to have to have a word with myself and ensure I get out on those nice days when they occur, otherwise that bike is going to collect a lot of dust over the next few months. In support of myself I have to point out I cycle to work through the winter in all weathers, and mostly in the dark, but its only 3.5 miles each way. So I don’t give up entirely, but it’s already noticeable that after averaging approximately 100 miles a week from April to September, October was down to 108 miles for the month. To counteract this I have pledged to endeavour  to get out as often as possible on a Friday afternoon as I finish work at lunch time, and on a Sunday afternoon, when hopefully I can take advantage of the best part of the day. We’ll see!

About robin1953

Hi I am a 57 year old man living in York, with my wife Jill. We have three grown up childred, and two grand children, Tim and Noah. I've been cycling all my life, but I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a few years back, so the cycling became more important. I did well for a few years, but slowly the weight went up. Update; how time flys, I'm now 60 still battling the weight but still riding.
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1 Response to Lack of motivation in the winter months

  1. Phill says:

    At least you have a plan Robin. It’s not easy to get the layers on and drag yourself out of the warm house into the cold, dark, often wet evenings.
    Funny though, isn’t it? Once you’ve been out for 10 minutes you remember why you’re there and how bloody great it is.
    Keep going, Robin. :0)

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